The La Boucherie concept combines a French style bistro restaurant setting with traditional meat based cuisine. Product quality and the high level of staff professionalism have proven to be of vital importance to the success of La Boucherie.

As the 4th largest actor in France’s meat industry segment, the La Boucherie group now comprises more than 120 restaurants and boasted a turnover (inclusive of VAT) of €110 million in 2013.
The chain is present not only throughout France and the overseas territories (DOM-TOM) but also in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

A French actor that remains independent of the restaurant business chain, the La Boucherie group is majority-owned by the original shareholders and a bank shareholding. In 2008 the entry of the minority shareholder NAXICAP Partners into the capital of La Boucherie SA was used to fund a new stage of expansion.


La Boucherie brand is founded on traditional French bistro style specialising in meat-based cuisine. Easily identifiable, the exemplary French concept appeals to a broad public spectrum. Moderate pricing enhances the chain’s accessibility for most people and the congenial atmosphere of La Boucherie restaurants helps to ensure continued customer loyalty.

Generous burgers or a succulent shared side-of-beef go hand-in hand with regional dishes and “bistro” specialities and are typical of the La Boucherie policy which aims to guarantee our customers an enjoyable eating experience and a very attractive quality/price ratio. The La Boucherie restaurant red and white signage with a friendly smiling calf clearly states our chosen area of culinary specialisation.

As proclaimed by the originators of the La Boucherie concept :

« The best recipe for success is high quality simple ingredients »

  • Offer customers an authentic French cuisine using only finest quality meat cuts and served in a traditional French bistro style setting.
  • Guarantee a welcoming, attractive and friendly ambiance provided by professionally trained staff ensuring that the La Boucherie experience is entirely about customer satisfaction.




La Boucherie is one of those rare French restaurant Groups to have targeted International markets for development. The La Boucherie concept can be easily adapted to other cultures and is destined to become established throughout the world, the Crissey Group located in Phuket  being the Master-Franchise operator for the whole of Thailand.

As in France, and with due respect for local custom, the La Boucherie group through its Master-Franchise operator will requires and ensure partners will apply the same level of quality, service, architecture and operating best practices. Natural hygiene and food safety standards remain a top priority.

From well in advance of the restaurant opening and throughout the duration of the contract, La Boucherie shares a vast amount of expertise and experience and ensures that professional assistance and advice is always available. From the project study through to the operational launch and including the restaurant fit-out, supplier referencing, etc. the Master-Franchise operator and its teams will provide a full and comprehensive preparative training.

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