A total of 50 kids from the Child-Watch Phuket headed to La Boucherie Grill and Steakhouse at Royal Phawadee Village, Patong Beach for the La Boucherie Kids Party on Thursday 12th May 2011. Mr. Claude de Crissey said that he and his team made this party especially for them with the purpose to bring joy and cheer to the orphanage residents at this school holiday season.

The party ran from 11:00am until 14:30pm and it was a real pleasure to watch these kids having so much fun, appreciating the small gifts and fun activities arranged for them. It was truly a humbling experience for the organizer of this event. Hearing the background stories of these kids brings tears to many people, but it’s amazing to see they manage to smile and play like the happiest kids in the world.

Khun Zong and Khun Jit from Bozo Balloon lived up the occasion with face painting, amazing balloon making and games to entertain the kids. All the kids had a blast and enjoyed the beautifully-shaped swimming pool of Royal Phawadee Village Hotel as well as tasting the newly launched La Boucherie’s Kids Menu.

Many thanks go to all the organizers: La Boucherie Grill and Steakhouse team, Pluto Ice Cream Phuket, Phuket Francophone, Image Asia and Window on Lifestyle, Royal Phawadee Village and All 4 Diving Academy.