Often it is the small pleasures that you find in a restaurant that make a dining experience stand out from all others. Good food at a good price, friendly and efficient service and a cosy atmosphere are just several ingredients that contribute to an evening out and encourage you to come back to that special dining place.

La Boucherie is a French steakhouse located in the newly built Royal Phawadee Village – a sumptuous and quiet boutique resort in Patong. An intimate and relaxed ambience alongside great steaks and French specialities characterise this restaurant, offering a welcoming escape from the nearby busy and bustling area. Unwind with a glass of wine at an outdoor table in front of the restaurant or in air-conditioned comfort inside and enjoy some superb food.

Wine is a natural accompaniment to a meal and French wine is often a favourite. We enjoyed a Chateau Vieux Coudard, Cotes de Bourg AGC, 2003, a Cabernet Sauvignon that proved to be a wonderful complement to our appetizers and main course.

The evening fare began with appetizers of a Beef Carpaccio and Basil and Warm Goat Cheese Salad – delightful delicacies of a perfect combination of meat and cheese with complimentary textures and delicately spiced tastes. These were followed by two specialty dishes of the house, a Steak Tartare served with pommes forestieres or fried potatoes with garlic and butter and vegetables and an Entrecote with a Bearnaise sauce and a baked potato and vegetables. Delicious entrees and accompaniments!

Great beginnings have great endings and they are generally tasty delights that leave you craving for more. Dessert provided some wonderful treats consisting of a Tiramisu and a Crème Brulee, which were sweet fixings that provided a wonderful topping to the meal.

A varied menu of a mix of wonderful and reasonably-priced food that includes perfectly cooked steaks and dishes from
France is a good reason to stop at La Boucherie and enjoy the dishes available. Top it off with a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, and you have a restaurant that provides a very pleasant and satisfying experience.